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Moving House Guide - Part 1 of 6

Okay you have accepted an offer and Moving..... HELP!!

So you have accepted an offer on your house. Now is the time to contact various removal companies to help you move house. Don't leave this too late or else you probably won't be able to choose the company of your choice.

Always contact 3 or 4 firms either from your local area or the area you are moving to. To find Removal & Storage Companies in specific areas of the UK use Helpiammovings search pages 'Search for movers' or simply fill out one of our online quotation forms which will save you time as we contact five removal companies Free of charge on your behalf.

Once you have your quotes it is important to speak to your removal company in person. This enables you to get a feel for them and will also give you a chance to ask them any questions or advise them on any special requirements you need. Ultimately you will be inviting their employees into your home, and entrusting your treasured processions to them. It is too late when a battered and dirty van turns up, with staff that you do not feel comfortable with.

Choosing your removal company can be daunting but don't be swayed purely by price, instead pick a remover that suits your circumstance and your requirements.

However you find your removal company BE HONEST with them. They are able to give you a more accurate quotation, allocate the right sized van and enough men to do the move if they know exactly what the removal entails. Even the smallest thing could have a bearing on the time spent on the removal, if you already know that the wardrobes and beds had to be taken into the house through the bedroom window or that you have altered the stairs since the furniture was taken up, TELL THEM and they will be happy to bring along tools, ladders, extra men etc. Also remember that the amount of furniture and belongings you write down onto an inventory form will dictate the size of the removal lorry allocated to your move. You wouldn't want a lorry arriving that is too small!!!! The most common missed item can be outside plants, these actually take up the most room in the removal van as you are unable to stack anything on top of them.


If you cannot find your town have a look at the towns and cities that we have help people move house in recently.Moving house in the UK

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