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Moving House Guide - Part 3 of 6

Keep writing down your questions or concerns.

In the bedrooms, who is going to dismantle the wardrobes and the beds if indeed they need to be? Now is the chance to sort through your wardrobes and cupboards and have a good clear out. Take a moment to think about where they are going to go, remember you are the only one who has seen the property to which you are moving to.

Remember to warn your removal company if you expect any difficulties, they will then be able to organise either extra men or ladders etc. If you don't, they won't, and you might end up with your bedroom furniture in the lounge of your new house or in the worse case still in the bedrooms of your old house.

Self Assembly Furniture. This isn't designed to be flattened, moved and reassembled, so usually isn't covered within the insurance the removal companies offer. No matter how hard your removal crew try, most of the time this typeof furniture will not go back together perfectly after a move.

The same applies to everything downstairs, we won't waffle on as we could write a book on this alone. Just make a note of everything you think could cause a problem, and things that you are not sure about. For example "can the washer be disconnected by the men", "will they lift any carpets I require to go" and so on.

As long as you let the companies know everything you do,
then they'll be able to help you overcome any problems.


If you cannot find your town have a look at the towns and cities that we have help people move house in recently.Moving house in the UK

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