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Moving Checklist, 4-2 weeks before Moving Day


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Things to do, 4-2 weeks before Moving Day.  


 - Start packing/sorting. If you are doing the packing yourself start as soon as you can, and certainly no later than two weeks to go. The trend lately is to exchange and complete sometimes within the same week. This means if you wait until you exchange before starting to pack you can find yourself with a mountain to climb. We know that until you do exchange you cannot be certain that the move will go ahead. So what about clearing out the attic, packing up your summer or winter clothes, in the kitchen the items you hardly use e.g. toasted sandwich maker, fondue set, soda stream (remember them, it's probably right at the back of your cupboard) even books and videos how often do you watch/read these? This will give you a chance to sort through your possessions and have a good clear out and also ease the stress when you get the call to say they want to complete in a few days time. For advice on de-cluttering go to our new section Clutter in the advice on moving house section.

 -  Change of address. Remember to let companies know of your new change of address. is a Free online service that makes it simple to change all your address details in one go. also allows you to stop services at your old address and start them at the new one, perfect for stuff like electricity and gas supply. For more information visit

 - Take your views with you when you move. When you move house, make sure you don't lose your right to vote. Unless you inform the local council that you've moved, you may not be able to vote in future elections. Moving to a new area? Make sure you take your views with you - register to vote at your new address

 - Land/Mobile phones. Contact providers including Internet account and advise them of your change of address and the date that you wish your new number to operate from. If you are no longer going to use the same service provider then you MUST give them a months notice, sometimes in writing. If you do not then you will be billed for a service that you are no longer using. Make sure that if your phone is to be disconnected that you have a way to contact your solicitor and estate agent on moving day incase of any problems.

 - Car. Have your car/cars serviced, particularly if you are moving a long distance away.

 - DVLA. If you have changed address, you must tell the DVLA to update both your:

Driving Licence
* DVLA no longer issues paper licences. Photo card application packs are available from your Post Office.

Vehicle Registration Certificate

 - Parking. If you have any parking restrictions at either your present or your new address, you will need to contact the local authorities to arrange for a suspension of the parking restrictions outside your property on your moving day. Remember that a removal van can be the same size as a double-decker bus and needs extra space to be manoeuvred into position. For optimum loading and unload the rear of the van needs to be directly outside your front door and if your house is on a hill then facing downhill. If in doubt about the size of vehicle your removal company is sending, contact them and they will let you know how much space they require.

 - Junk Mail. If you want to stop receiving all addressed direct mail from companies or charities that you have not dealt with before, you can register your details free-of-charge with the Mailing Preference Service (MPS). By doing this you can remove your name from up to 95% of direct mail lists in the UK. To request a registration form, please phone 0845 703 4599 or register online at

 - Bank. Notify your bank/banks of your change of address and maybe consider transferring your accounts to a branch nearer to your new home. If you have anything retained for safe keeping with your bank or solicitors please don't forget these.

 - Credit/Store cards.  When you receive your statements, fill out the change of address form. This is usually on the reverse of the statement. Don't forget to notify any card protection insurers that you may have.
N.B. If when you are sorting through your credit cards and bank statements and you decide to throw some away, we would highly recommend that you shred them. Don't throw the shredded paper away just yet, instead keep it to use as packing around fragile items.

 - Schools. Let your child's school know when you intend them to be leaving, and advise the new school when you intend your children to start.

 - Inland Revenue.  When you notify your local tax office you will need to quote your reference number, this can be found on your pay slip/P60/code notification.

 - Insurance's/Pensions. Contact your broker or the individual companies for your Life, Motor, Medical, Pet and Contents insurance. When contacting your house contents insurers, check with them to see what cover you have regarding moving house, you may find that you are fully covered and have no need to take out extra cover with your removal company.

 - Landlord/Tenants Give the appropriate notice to quit or tell tenants of any change of landlord.

 - Doctor, Dentist & Opticians  If you are moving out of the local area you will have de-register with them and register with new ones in your new area. Check with your hospital if you are undergoing regular treatment as an out patient. If you have your contact lenses delivered directly to your door it is really important to let your Opticians know your new address so that your next three month pack arrives in the right place at the right time. Remember if you give blood please inform the National Blood Service of you change of details. You can do this online by clicking here

 - Hotels.  If you need hotel accommodation during your removal, book your hotel well in advance, especially if you are moving within the summer months.

 - Council Tax.   Notify the relevant authorities in both your current area and the area you are moving to. for more info go to

 - Pets.  Check out our pet moving advice page for helpful advice. If you are intending to book your pets into Kennels/cattery do so now. Arrange for the transfer of your pet's records to the new vet.

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