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Top Tips when Moving house with Children or Pregnant Help moving house by

Top Tips when you are Moving house with Children or Pregnant

Top Tips when Moving house with Children or Pregnant

Some of our top tips to help make moving home a little easier when moving with children or moving house while pregnant.

Top tips to move with a bump

  • Plan ahead and do everything in stages, you may be very tired so you shouldn't attempt to do everything in one go.
  • Pack as early as possible. You probably have clothes that no longer fit that can be boxed up early or CD's, books and DVD's. Buying quality boxes and good size modular boxes means less trips to the van and they are easier to stack. Remember to put essential baby items in a couple of moving boxes so that you have them to hand.
  • Register with your new doctor, midwife and dentist as soon as possible. They will be able to transfer over your files and get familiar with your midwife as soon as you can. For lists of practises throughout the UK Click here
  • Try and do a stork walk of your chosen hospital before you move so that you are familiar with the layout and comfortable with the hospital. If you do go into labour early then you will be prepared.
  • Use the internet to notify all relevant companies of your new address (i.e. utilities, club cards, charities). is the only online change of address company that currently offers this service free of charge.
  • Register with an online supermarket delivery service and do a shop beforehand so that all your favourites are saved on your account. When the baby is born you can shop faster as items remain on your account.
  • Avoid too much bending down when packing or unpacking and do not lift any heavy boxes
  • Even though you won't be lifting anything on moving day you will be on your feet all day, pack some relaxing items i.e. bubble bath and candles so that you have them easily to hand in the evening.
  • Most important is your hospital bag, put this in your car at least six weeks before so it won't get mixed up with the packing. Don't pack your hospital notes - always keep these to hand.

Top tips to move with children

  • Sooner rather than later. Experts say that the earlier you tell your children they are moving the better but it is easy to assume that the later you tell them the less time they will have to worry. Children need time to get used to the idea of moving house so don't put off telling them.
  • Be positive about your move. If you dread the move children will pick up on this and will also be anxious about it.
  • Arrange a day out to your new area, concentrating on the fun places to visit like new playgrounds, leisure centre, restaurants, local tourist attractions, cinema.
  • Start decorating their room in their head, have fun mapping out where their new furniture will go and what theme they would like.
  • Let children pack some of their own boxes especially ones with soft toys and allow them to personalise them with coloured pens, stickers or even fun personalized tape saying 'MY STUFF'.
  • Create a moving scrapbook or keepsake book, fill this with photos of their old house, garden, school, friends and include notes from friends, teachers anything that creates a lasting memory for them.
  • As well as an adults survival kit make up one just for children. Include not only essential like nappies, change of clothes, but also toys, comforters, blankets and favourite pyjamas.
  • if you have to look after them on moving day explain to young children exactly what is happening and what to expect on moving day.
  • Plan your first night: Make this special for your child, have a pizza and ice cream and spend time with them rather than unpacking. Make sure their favourite books are to hand so that you can settle them for the night.
  • Don't be surprised if your child becomes more clingy after moving to a new house, this is natural. Stick as much as possible to routine around bedtime and meals. Don't unpack all boxes straight away but make it the main focus to unpack their boxes first, having their room sorted as soon as possible.



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