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Moving Boxes Help & Advice on Buying Moving Boxes Help moving house by

Advice on buying moving boxes

Advice on buying moving boxes


You would think it was easy, to get some boxes to move home with. If you have already started to look around the internet you will have noticed the wide range of choices, sizes and quality. No standard box is sold on the internet, however standard size boxes have been used for decades by removal companies in the uk.

Boxes for moving home have been designed to fit through doorways and up and down stairs while you able to hold your arms around the side of them.

Standard sizes of boxes used by removal companies
The 4 main sizes used are
Pack 1 approx 18" x 18" 10" 450mm x 450mm x 250mm or approx 16" x 16" 12" 410mm x 410mm x 310mm
Small Box for heavy items
Pack 2 approx 18" x 18" 20" 450mm x 450mm x 500mm or approx 16" x 16" 24" 410mm x 410mm x 620mm
Medium T Chest size for all sorts of items
Pack 3 approx 18" x 18" 30" 450mm x 450mm x 750mm
Large box only for light items, cushions etc
Pack 6 approx 18" x 13" 13" 450mm x 35mm x 35mm
Book Box, however not modular
All moving boxes and packing boxes should always be Double walled,

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The most popular size box is the old fashioned T or Tea chest box. Years ago this would have been made from wood to transport items but now is made from cardboard for easy storing and transporting. As a general rule boxes should be double walled for extra strength, single walled should only be used for very light items.

There are a number of ways to buy boxes, direct from your removal company or direct online. If you are using a removal company and packing yourself then get two quotes. One quote for supplying the boxes, the other if you provide your own boxes. Some companies will say they offer free boxes but this will always be included in the price as there will still have to pay for the boxes themselves.

If you are buying online, compare the measurements of the boxes and strength and importantly their feedback not only on their site but also independent reviews i.e.

More than one website claims to be the best value on the web but be careful of the sizes, check the measurements of the boxes, strength, double walled is the one to buy and modular boxes as these will stack easier in the van or storage unit. Just because a moving box is described as large on two different websites does not mean they are both the same size, when we checked a large moving box on one website was the same size as a box described as small on another website.


If you cannot find your town have a look at the towns and cities that we have help people move house in recently.Moving house in the UK

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