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Moving house in 60 Seconds Help moving house by

Moving house in 60 Seconds

Moving house in 60 Seconds

tick boxStart packing early. Packing can be a length process so leave plenty of time.

tick boxChoose good quality boxes that won't fall apart on moving day. Small boxes just mean more trips to the van.

tick boxGet some quotes for using a removal company, it may be cheaper than you think if you already have the boxes and are flexible on dates.

tick boxGet organised start decluttering and use a countdown guide to moving house.

tick boxClearly labelling makes life much easier when it comes to loading and unpacking, your know which boxes goes where and will be able to find item quickly and easily.

tick boxNotify utilities as soon as possible or you may be put on temporary rates.

tick boxIf moving yourself ask friends and family to help, allocate a day early.

tick boxIf hiring a van take time to think about loading items. The first items in the van, lorry, truck will be the last items off. So, if you have things that you need for the first day at your new home, then make sure they are loaded last.

tick boxDon't try an unpack everything in one day, just the essentials.

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