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Mobile Self Storage

Mobile Self Storage, what is it?

Simply load it and they'll store it!! or even move it to your new house where you can unpack it.

Mobile Self Storage is a new development in self storage. A storage unit, sometimes called a MSU (Mobile Storage Unit), Vault or POD is delivered to your house, you then fill the container, MSU, Vault or POD with the things you want to go into store. The filled units are then collected and taken to be stored in the companies storage facilities.

The standard MSU's are 5ft x 7ft x 8ft and utilise a standard 250 cubic foot wooden container used by the removal industry for many years. Recently a new larger storage unit has become available measuring 16ft long, 8ft wide and 9ft high it offers a capacity of 1152 cubic feet and can be placed at ground level.

The advantages of using a mobile self storage system enables you to avoid hiring a van to transport your items to the self storage facility of your choice and unloading the van and into the storage unit. However a full 3 bed house or larger would require more than one of the standard MSU (Mobile Storage Unit), Vault or PODs

Whilst in store most companies allow you to access them, subject to our business hours and you giving notice usually 24 hours. The units are made available in a visiting area for you to add, remove or search for items.

Mobile Self Storage on a larger scale

Measuring 16ft long, 8ft wide and 9ft high these new large mobile self storage facilities offer a capacity of 1152 cubic feet and placed at ground level for easy loading.

The units are delivered on a trailer and using a unique and fully patented hydraulic system, lifted off the trailer and lowered to the ground ready to be loaded. The units can be positioned where you need them and you can keep them for as long as you require them. Allowing you to load them at your leisure or you can have them collected and delivered to your new home all in one day.

All these units are waterproof and ALARMED which is linked to your mobile phone. An internal light allows you load in the evening so no excuses! Once you are finished loading the unit is collected and using the patented hydraulic lifting system, placed back onto the trailer while kept level at all times. This is then taken to the storage facility to be stored or driven to your new home or rented accommodation to be dropped off and unloaded at your leisure.

Thank you to Paul at The Store Room for allowing us to use the images


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