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Moving Checklist, Moving day: loading the van




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Moving Checklist - Moving day: loading the van  


 - Children. Drop the children off or organise a corner of the lounge with some of their toys and a few treats. We have a few things to keep them happy on the Moving with kids page. Older children may want specific tasks, like packing up their own personal box or put in charge of making sure cupboards etc are empty.

 - Bathroom. Finish packing the toiletries box, and then take everything out of the bathroom that you want to go. You can now put all the bits and bobs that you don't want the removal men to take in the bathroom and shut the door.

 - Strip the beds.  Put the linen into a box that is clearly marked or bin liners, these usually end up being placed on top of your bed at the other end. If you are having the packing done just fold the linen and leave on top of the beds so they can be easily packed.

 - The van arrives. The team leader/foreman will introduce themselves and their crew. Show the team leader around the house and tell them exactly what is to go and what isn't. If you have emptied the bathroom of articles that are to go, tell him that there is nothing to go out of there and shut the door.

 - The kettle. Most important, moving house is very thirsty work for everyone involved. Keep the kettle boiling and the biscuits flowing.

 - Check every where. Once the van is loaded, take a walk around with the team leader to ensure that all the items to be moved have been placed on the van. This is your responsibility to make sure nothing is left behind. Check behind doors, in cupboards and on the walls. You would be surprised how often people keep looking at a clock on the wall, but never remember to take it down.

 - Wave goodbye.  Say goodbye to the removal van, hopefully with your directions to your new house. Now read all the relevant meters and load up your cars/car. Have a last good look around for anything you might have forgotten. Check that all the windows and doors are locked when you leave.

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