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Moving House when Pregnant and moving house Help moving house by

Pregnant and Moving house

Moving House with a Bump

Moving Home when PregnantMoving house can be stressful at the best of times let alone with a huge bump and hormones all over the place. So when one of our staff fell pregnant and then decided to move house, we thought we could offer all the advice and support she needed. However no one had actually been through her experience and the advice we could offer was more practical and from a removal mans experience not from a mum to be. So we thought what better way for her to put her mind at rest was to research and contact as many new mums who have been in the same situation. In short the following advice we hope will help you feel less stressful, however if you do have any hints and tips for new mums we would love to hear from you.

Preparation and Planning

Firstly congratulations on being pregnant and secondly finding your new house, now the fun part really starts. Moving house when pregnant may not be the best time practically to move but not everything goes to plan in life. In the removal industry we always go on about how important 'preparation and planning' is but this is essential when pregnant. Some people get really tired during their pregnancy so if possible try to get as many people to help as possible.

top moving tipStart making lists (even if it is not in your nature to do so as it will really help) Pin these up in the kitchen.

Get at least three quotes from removal companies, all quotations are free. Try and avoid a Friday or just before a Bank holiday as these are the most popular dates. Companies offer the option of full pack or part so get prices for either option as you may be surprised on costs. Removal guys can pack a whole house in hours so really does reduce stress and hours of packing bits at a time.

If you are packing yourself start as early as possible and don't do too much in one go. Pack items you no longer need i.e. seasonal clothes and if possible do this a month in advance.

Use good quality, correct size boxes. You won't be thanked on moving day if you have masses of small flimsy boxes or banana boxes, these only mean more trips back and forth to the van.

Clearly label each box so you don't have to do all the unpacking just the essentials. Place essential baby items in a couple of boxes so that you have them to hand if you are early and include baby grows in all-different sizes. You will probably want to have the nursery set up as soon as possible so add all these items in their own boxes for easy access.

Avoid too much bending down when packing or unpacking and do not lift any heavy boxes. The ligaments in your pelvic area will be loosening and stretching, to accommodate the baby. This may result in backache and pain in your pelvis especially your pubic bone.

Order everything online as early as possible as some cots, baby furniture, car seats can take weeks even months to arrive.

top moving tipTry and do a 'stork' walk of your chosen hospital before you move so that that you are familiar with the layout and comfortable with the hospital. If you do go into labour early then you will be prepared.

If you are moving to a new area find the addresses of your local supermarket or chemist that is nearest to the hospital. If you have to get someone to pop out and get essentials then best to know where to go.

Find out a couple of your local baby and toddler groups, a real life saver for meeting new mums and getting to know the area.

Green moving tipCleaning, you may have the urge to clean your new house even more thoroughly as you start nesting but do not go mad. Try also to avoid any toxic products as you may find your skin more sensitive at the moment.

Make up an essential survival pack which contains all the necessary things like batteries, charger, full list can be downloads from: Moving House Checklist but include snacks like fruit, rice cakes, lollies, jelly sweets, juice etc

top moving tipMost importantly your hospital bag, ideally put this in the car six weeks before due date so that it won't go astray in the packing up.


Register with your new doctor, midwife and dentist as soon as possible. They will be able to transfer over your files and you will be able to get familiar with your midwife as soon as you can. For lists of practices throughout the UK:

Don't pack your hospital notes always keep these to hand.

Change your address details free online, ideal for things like club cards, dry cleaners etc saving endless amount of time writing letters: Online Address Change

Register with an online supermarket delivery service and do a shop beforehand so that all your favourites are saved on your account. When the baby is born you can shop quicker as items remain on your account so that you can find them easier.

Moving Day

On moving day if you are using a removal company get them to do it all. So many people hire companies and then do a lot of work themselves, as long as you prep them beforehand, a good removal team will have the job done in no time. (We did hear from one lady who spent the day at a health farm, her husband dealt with the move. When she got back it was all done. Pure luxury).

Drink plenty of fluids on moving day; after all you have the most precious cargo on board and need to move them safely.

Give yourself plenty of time to unpack as long as you have the essential items to hand the boxes can wait. Ideally if you have a spare room or garage, stack them in there so you can get the rest of the house in order.

Ask as many friends as possible to help, even if it is just for a couple of hours or to pack up. You could also throw a packing party where everyone helps in return for pizza and beer.

top moving tipEven though you won't be lifting anything on moving day you will be on your feet all day, pack some relaxing items i.e. bubble bath, candles, belly cream so that you have them easily to hand in the evening.

One perk of moving home when pregnant, is you won't have to lift any of the heavy boxes!


If you cannot find your town have a look at the towns and cities that we have help people move house in recently.Moving house in the UK

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