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Moving house and want to be on TV - Moving house TV Shows Help moving house by

Be on TV when you move


We are not aware of any production companys looking for families and home movers for upcoming projects.

Please do check back, to see if we have added any requests from TV production companys looking for people moving house.


Do you want to be on TV when you move house.


Do you have items in storage?

Twofour (the company behind The Hotel Inspector, Cornwall with Caroline Quentin and Sealed Bid) are looking for people with belongings in self-storage for a major new TV show pilot.

Are you, a friend, or someone you know...

  • paying to keep possessions in storage?
  • coming up to an event for which you/they could use some cash?
  • Or can't even remember what's in storage?

We are asking people to nominate their wives, husbands and friends who are hoarding items away, to see if any money can be made from their hidden treasures at auction... money that could go towards a wedding or another special event, a holiday, general household bills, or even help those with young families.

For more information please contact

Moving Home?

Are you moving house in the London area in May/ June 2009? If so, 'Moving Day' needs you! Our show will document the process of moving house, focusing on individuals and groups of people as they move from one home to another. This would ideally be moving to a 'purchased' rather than 'rented' property. Are you worried about the move? Is it your first time, or perhaps you're an expert in moving house? Are you 'completing' on the day of the move? Are you part of a chain?

Whatever your story, we'd like to hear from you. If you would like to be involved, please contact me via phone or email.

If you'd like to take part, please ring Kieran on 0207 428 5741 or email

Have you found your dream home abroad?

And would you be prepared to share your story with the readers of Woman's Own?

We are looking for families who have realised their dreams of living abroad and who would be willing to be interviewed for an article going in the magazine's summer special edition.

You can either have emigrated permanently or live part of the year away from the UK. Ideally, we are looking for people who have made the leap to continental Europe or Australia.

The interview would be over the phone and only take about 20 minutes or half an hour.

We'd like to know why you left the UK, how you found the process and what your new life is like.

If you'd like to take part, please ring Ed Reed on 0207 963 7229 or email

as featured by: press coverage

Did you have a nightmare buying abroad?

I'm writing a feature for a weekly women's magazine about buying abroad and I'm trying to find a woman (or couple) who found it all a nightmare, perhaps because, looking back, they didn't do their research properly, or they didn't fully understand the local system. I'm ideally looking for someone under 45 to fit in with the magazine's readership. If you take part, I'll need to chat to you on the phone at a time convenient to you, and I'll also ask for a photo of you outside the apartment in question. You will receive a payment for taking part.

Please email if you're interested.

Are you planning an amazing move to an exotic location outside Europe?

We're a television company looking for intrepid and adventurous contributors who are following their dreams to relocate abroad - especially if you're going to run your own business too. Perhaps you've already moved and would like to tell us about your experiences. Was it exactly as you'd hoped? Was it a nightmare? What would you do differently and what could other people learn from you?

Please contact

CHANNEL 4 Seeks Participants


Are you looking to buy a dream holiday home or perhaps you are looking for a complete relocation?

Well if you're torn between buying in the U.K and venturing abroad, the new series of 'A Place in the Sun: Home or Away' is ready to help!

Please call 0161 235 65 73 or email for details!



Daisybeck Productions in England are currently looking for families who are in the process of moving abroad to set up a new business.

Over 200,000 families leave the UK every year. We are looking for families who are looking to move abroad and set up their own business. Families who are daring to live their dream and prepared to go all out to live their chosen aspirational lifestyle. Families who have decided that the UK is no longer for them and feel that their fortune lies in a foreign climate where you aim to be the Masters of your own Destiny.

Perhaps you have grown weary of the day to day grind of lining someone elses pocket and have finally acknowledged that it's time to show the world you have got what it takes to go it alone in business? Whether you're aspirational entrepreneurs or you're looking for a fresh challenge, or maybe you just feel it's time to "live the dream" - we want to hear from YOU.

We are currently looking for families who are about to embark on this amazing journey for a prime time terrestrial TV channel.

Contact: Janine Barnes, Alida James or Sarah Allen

Tel: 01132 623342
Daisybeck Productions, Elite TV House, 248 Meanwood Road, Leeds LS7 2HZ



Trying to get on the property ladder?

Frustrated by your financial limitations?

Does your dream home feel far from reality?

Channel 4's Dispatches is looking for people to take part in a documentary on the difficulties first time buyers are facing in trying to purchase a home.

If you are finding it tough getting your foot on the property ladder or you've just bought your first place but with big sacrifices we'd like to hear from you. We are especially interested in speaking to key workers who are struggling or have struggled to find their first home.

If you are currently house hunting or about to exchange on a purchase and would like to know more then please contact:
Kelly Edgson on 0161 200 8102 ext. 202 or



A recent survey by top money experts found that …..






UKTV investigates the delights of living by the sea whether at home or abroad with an exciting property travel series bringing prospective buyers to the fantastic coastal homes they have always yearned for!

The programme makers are looking for lively couples, families or just good friends particularly who would like to take part and are genuinely keen to invest in a seaside property either as a holiday hide-away or permanent residence.

If you are one of the lucky ones chosen, the programme expert will assess your needs, lifestyle and options and then track down a selection of properties to suit your criteria and budget. What's more, they'll make sure these homes live up to the fantasies you've always dreamed of!

The presenter will take you on a pleasurable journey to visit the properties before you decide whether or not you'll be taking the plunge! There will be plenty of home buying tips and advice along the way and you'll be introduced to the very best your perfect piece of paradise has to offer.

So if you are interested in making your seaside fantasies a dream come true why not contact us with your name and a daytime telephone number at or call 0207 255 5465.

Participants Wanted for C4 Show

Channel 4 are making of a new series of 'A Place by the Sea', where we help house-hunting hopefuls find their dream home by the coast and we are looking for people to take part in the new series - Are you looking to relocate, buy a second home or do you fancy your chances of starting a new business venture or maybe even moving an exiting one? Would you like the help of some of Britain's finest property experts to snap up that best buy for you?

'A Place by the Sea', presented by property guru 'Seetha Hallett, trawls every nautical mile of the UK coast to find that if you look hard enough, there are still property gems to be found in all sorts of unlikely places - And we're the people to help you find them!

Previous Series have helped a young fashion designer look for a bohemian bolt-hole; a writer in search of a remote croft to hammer out his great unfinished novel and a burned out city boy who swapped the trading floor for a quiet B & B.

Anyone serious about finding their dream home or business property should contact 'Jo Harrison' on 0161 235 6567 or e-mail to receive an application form.

Participants Wanted for C4 Show

Thinking of moving abroad for a better life in the sun?

Are you an amateur property developer with big dreams of what you could do if you were given the chance?

If so, we're looking for people for a new Channel 4 programme.

For more info please email


Interested in relocating to France, Spain, Portugal or Cyprus? Or already living in the mentioned countries and want to move.

Discovery TV are looking for people to take part in the new series 'Build, Buy or Restore Abroad'. For more info go to or call Sonia 0121 246 3907


Discovery Realtimes's 'Build, Buy or Restore' is going to Ireland! We are looking for a couple who would like to relocate from the UK to Ireland and would consider self-building or restoring a property on the Emerald Isle. If you would be interested in getting some expert advice on building in Ireland then please contact Lucy Malins on 0121 248 3912 or


Build A New Life.

Are looking for more people who have decided to risk it all, move to their dream area, where they will be renovating their dream property, and maybe also starting up their dream business.

'Build A New Life' which is returning, following on from the successful first series. Would love to hear from people who are building a new life, so that they can document their inspirational journey. More information about the show can be found on the FIVE website at

This is a great opportunity for anyone who would like to be involved.



are looking for house-hunters in need of help!

Professional property hunters Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer are taking on the challenge of finding dream homes for people throughout the UK.

We are looking for house hunters with great househunting stories who are actively searching now and want Kirstie and Phil's help with their search. No matter how big or small the budget. They love a real challenge!

If you are in desperate need of help to find that new home contact us at:

Filming will take place between now and February 2006


Are you having a nightmare trying to sell your property?

* * * * * * * * * * * *

TV's Selling Houses is back to help you sell your home…

Channel 4's hugely successful SELLING HOUSES is back and Andrew Winter will be pulling no punches in his effort to help you shift your hard-to-sell home.

Are you having a nightmare selling your property? Could your estate agent be doing more to help? With 20 years experience in the property industry Andrew will be offering marketing strategies, viewings advice and sales tips in order to get the best possible price for your home. And with Matt James - Channel 4's City Gardener - teaming up with Andrew for a garden makeover, what better an opportunity?

After being redecorated by our professional design team, all properties featured throughout Selling Houses' successful run have had offers of the original asking price or thereabouts - and a few even sold for more! We can't guarantee we'll sell your property, but we'll do everything we can to get the best possible price in the current climate.

We are looking for sellers and agents to take part in the forthcoming series to be filmed during Winter 2005 / 06. To be considered, your property must have been on the market for at least 3 months, you need to be prepared to spend a minimum of 1% of the value of the property to make improvements aimed at getting a sale, and you must be willing to take Andrew's advice.

Please post your property details with a covering letter and some recent photographs of yourself and your home to:
Selling Houses, Ricochet South, Pacific House, 126 Dyke Road, Brighton, BN1 3TE.
Alternatively, email at:
or just give us a ring on 01273 224825.


If you cannot find your town have a look at the towns and cities that we have help people move house in recently.Moving house in the UK

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