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Moving house or flat myself Pros and cons Help moving house by

Pros and Cons to moving yourself

Pros and Cons to moving yourself

A quick list of the pros and cons to help you decide whether to move yourself or use a professional moving company.


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You don't worry about strangers moving your belongings.

You drive your own hired van enabling you to make as many stops on the way as like, picking up items from various places.

If you are moving to an empty property, you can make many trips as long you have the keys in the morning and nobody is moving into your property on that day.

You pack and unpack at your leisure noting where everything goes and making sure the right boxes end up in the right rooms.

You can keep the boxes to use next time you move, or store them safely in the loft.

You load the van, placing fragile boxes or precious items to one side.

It might work out cheaper if you can round up enough friends to help you for a pizza and a drink at the end of the day.


It can be an exhausting day especially with steps and in the summer time (not for the unfit).

Removal personnel are professionals and very quick and discreet, they move people every day. Friends, family and yourself tend to start looking through old photos or memorabilia making the day longer.

You have to drive the van, are you confident in driving a large vehicle? If you are traveling long distances are you confident enough?

You cannot make many trips if you are exchanging keys, in a chain and all moving on the same day. You will need a vehicle large enough to fit everything in the van in one go.

Will you be able to load a van securely without items falling over in transit or when unloading injuring somebody.

It will be a long day, usually three to four times longer than if a professional moving company moved you.


If you cannot find your town have a look at the towns and cities that we have help people move house in recently.Moving house in the UK

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